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Individualized Training

Fun Star Fitness one-on-one training sessions are designed to suit you. Each workout is created with your personal goals and health in mind. 

Fitness Assessment and Evaluation

Have Goals? Need a plan?

Let's act on those goals:)

Senior Physiotherapy

The Fitness Assessment and Evaluation is a great opportunity for us to set down and review your fitness and health goals. Measurements, postural assessment, strength and flexibility assessment is also included. Body composition and before picture done if desired.

Progress Evaluation

Let's see the results of all the hard work you put into your program.


A progress evaluation is a great opportunity for us to review your fitness progress and set new goals. 

Individual Coaching Sessions

Customized Individual Coaching Sessions Available 


Individual coaching sessions include:

-Detailed personalized fitness plan according to your specific needs

- Assisted warm-up

-Assisted resistance training protocol

-Assisted cool-down & stretching

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Fun Star Fitness Services

Fitness & Training Support That Makes a Difference.

Individual Training
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